Oh no!

Well, my oven is out of commission until further notice. While baking a batch of cookies, the heating element in our oven burnt out. I didn’t even know that was possible! Hopefully we will be able to replace the part soon and I can resume my baking!

I am traveling for a graduate school interview this weekend and had planned to make a loaf of the honey oat bread to take for my host, but the current oven situation seemed to squash that idea. However, I have a wonderful boyfriend who is more than willing to let me use his oven! I think he just likes having the smell of fresh baked bread in his apartment. Plus, there is always the hope that I will make a second loaf for him (which I will 😀 ). I will try to take pictures of each step this time!

While my oven is down, I will be posting some past recipes that have been a big hit in my house. Keep an eye out for chocolate souffle, lemon cream oatmeal bars, pan fried lemon chicken, pasta e fagioli, potato pancakes, “Red Lobster” biscuits, and more!

Happy Baking!


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